The first critics reviews are in for Rhod’s new live tour:-

4 STARS, The Times

“Cancer takes a beating in this glorious show. This latest exercise in satisfyingly splenetic stand-up delivers grim ironies with a roaring sense of fun.

He zooms and he roars and he shakes his head in frustration. He talks positively and undogmatically…before segueing into one of his biggest, boldest, daftest set pieces. It’s a liberating flight of fancy in a show with a fair few of them.

Gilbert is a lithe and almost unnervingly lively 55. The glory of the evening is that it is so much like a regular Rhod Gilbert show. Cancer be damned; he’s going to be himself.”

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4 STARS, Telegraph

“The comedy star mines his cancer diagnosis for big, poignant laughs. Featuring marvellous, skating-on-thin-ice crowd work, the Welsh stand-up’s new show sees him on tremendous and charmingly chaotic form.

An admirable risky boldness to his crowd work but Gilbert never put a foot wrong. His great rumbling, rusted roar of a voice is still intact, and his eye for absurdity remains as sharp as ever. It’s to Gilbert’s credit that so soon after staring death in the face – he has turned that experience into a show overbrimming with life.”

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4 STARS, Guardian

“A mixture of emotional candour and uproarious humour. A barnstorming two hours. The fun, and Gilbert’s sheer vitality on stage, feel like a gift. It’s a knockout show with big laughs and a big heart.”

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4 1/2 STARS, Chortle

“Contains the most hilarious and life-affirming story you’re ever likely to hear. Puffing things to an insanely exaggerated degree is Gilbert’s superpower…he deploys it to impressive effect. Cancer does not appear to have dulled the comic’s energy, he rants and raves as much as ever.

The overwhelming tone of celebration will leave you with a sprint in your heart and – darkly ironic, this – a lump in your throat.

The bar to create something special about such a sensitive subject is high…and Gilbert clears it easily.”

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