New Documentary ‘RHOD GILBERT: A Pain in the Neck’

9pm, Mon 30 OCT, on Channel 4.

In June 2022, Rhod was diagnosed with head and neck cancer, caused by a virus known as HPV.

This intimate, inspiring, and yes, humorous documentary follows him through 18 months of hope and hell as he confronts his illness. It powerfully captures the raw reality of living with a little-known cancer, shedding light on the challenges and raising awareness of the condition.

Rhod shares his daunting journey from diagnosis, through initial surgery, to chemotherapy and radiotherapy, with remarkable openness. Through intimate video diaries, we accompany him on all the ups and downs, share in the triumphant moment he rings the end-of-treatment bell, and then the agonising wait to find out if his treatment has worked as he tries to pull his life back together.

On top of everything he’s dealing with, Rhod undertakes a personal challenge, not only to raise awareness of his condition and how it can be prevented in the future, but also to raise funds for the cancer hospital that played a pivotal role in saving his life.

The documentary will air on Channel 4 as part of their Stand Up To Cancer campaign.